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As a job portal, we've been here for you since 2013. With our new name Worki comes new services, choose one of them. Thank you 😊
The price list is valid from 17.10.2023.

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One-time monthly subscription
6982.80/ month
TOP advertisement display

Order TOP views for the ad and we will display your job offer in the top places in the Job offers section.

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2934.80/ month
Monthly subscription to Worki

The more ads you order from us, the more you save.

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Number of advertisements Total in € Price for 1 ad Number of TOP views Total in € Price for 1 TOP view
1 6982.80 6982.80 1 2934.80 2934.80
2 118141.60 5970.80 2 5667.20 2833.60
3 162194.40 5464.80 3 8197.20 2732.40
4 196235.20 4958.80 4 104124.80 2631.20
5 225270.00 4554.00 5 125150.00 2530.00
6 258309.60 4351.60 6 144172.80 2428.80
7 294352.80 4250.40 7 161193.20 2327.60
8 328393.60 4149.20 8 176211.20 2226.40
9 360432.00 4048.00 9 189226.80 2125.20
10 390468.00 3946.80 10 200240.00 2024.00
Special offer

Are you interested in publishing a higher number of advertisements with us? We will take care of everything for you.
Do you not want to manually create advertisements on Worki and are you interested in importing job offers from your recruitment system to Worki? Let us know and we will help you.

Additional services for you

Banner on the Worki homepage
Publish your advertising banner on the homepage and effectively address our users (1280x200 pixels).
499598,80 / month
Banner in the list of job offers
Publish your advertising banner in the Job offers section and effectively attract job applicants (800x245 pixels).
299358,80 / month
Logo in the TOP employers section
Publish your company's logo by clicking on current job offers on the Worki homepage.
199238,80/ month or 18992278,80/ year
PR article
Publish a PR article in our blog section.
Reach out to Worki users with promotional email.
from 499from 598,80
Wage benchmarking
Find out if you are rewarding employees competitively.
Ranking of companies according to economic categories
CompanIQ - compare yourself with others.
Regional capacity of human resources
Find out if the region will have enough people to carry out your business plans.
Standardization of work
Optimize with the right data.
Collective negotiation
Reliable data for all parties involved.
Evaluation of the application of graduates
Useful information for employers and students when choosing a suitable high school or university.
Data on the accreditation process of universities
Find out if you're keeping up with innovation and where your graduates will be employable.
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What our clients say about us

The Railways of the Slovak Republic have been using job portals for advertising job vacancies for a long time. We consider the Worki job portal to be a modern and design-attractive website that enables ŽSR to find suitable candidates.
JUDr. Gabriela Gajdošová
Director of the Human Resources Management Department
We like to advertise through the Worki portal, mainly thanks to the willing approach of its team of employees, who always help us adjust the advertisement in such a way that the most suitable job applicants respond to it.
Ing. Jozef Richtárech
Director of company
A simple procedure, clarity, quick publication of an ad and especially a qualified team on the help line is a useful helper for employers who offer vacancies.
Ing. Vladimír Očenáš
Head of Human Resources

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