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Our Story

From ISTP to Worki

Our company, TREXIMA Bratislava, has been developing and implementing effective methods in the fields of labour market forecasting, wage research and statistics, employment, and comprehensive productivity since 1992. The beginnings of our portal date back to 2003, when we started building a new information system called the Integrated System of Job Positions for the needs of employment offices. As a state labour portal with the modified name Internet Guide to the Labor Market, we have been here for you since 2013. After 20 years of developing ISTP, we have gained valuable experience, and today we are very pleased to introduce our new dream job portal, Worki. Take a look at the journey we have taken from the beginnings of ISTP to the current Worki.


  • Since November 26, 2003, in cooperation with our Czech partners from TREXIMA Zlín, we began developing a new information system, the Integrated System of Job Positions, for the then National Employment Office. At that time, the ISTP portal was already well-established in the Czech Republic.


  • The implementation period until 2005 focused primarily on system setup, pilot testing, functionality analysis under Slovak conditions, data preparation, expert reviews, database population, system implementation, and more.


  • The ISTP portal was launched for the first time in Slovakia. Its main tools were the Job Position Card Index, which provided a database with descriptions of jobs in the Slovak labour market, and the Individual Potential Analysis, which recommended suitable jobs to users based on their completed profiles.


  • Between 2006 and 2012, we added 2,000 job descriptions from various work areas to the Job Position Card Index database. This process involved more than 300 experts from both business and non-business practices.
  • Under the coordination of the Central Office of Labor, Social Affairs, and Family, we conducted professional training for employment office staff on the use of ISTP. From 2006 to 2010, more than 650 employees were trained across all 46 employment offices.
  • Lucia Lednárová Dítětová has been part of our team since 2006. A co-owner of TREXIMA and manager of the labour market and human resources department, she started as a project manager for ISTP.


  • Pali Hudec joined TREXIMA. He was selected by our director during his final exams at the University of Economics in Bratislava. Pali managed our ISTP portal until 2023 and, together with his colleagues, co-founded its successor, the job portal Worki.


  • Based on ISTP materials, we released a multimedia encyclopedia of job positions called “Svet práce” (World of Work), which was distributed on DVD to employment offices and schools in 80,000 copies. Adela and Sajfa assisted us as guides for the application. 😊


  • We created a new ISTP tool called Career Planning, which allowed job seekers to assess their qualifications for performing selected job positions and recommended areas for improvement.
  • We started working on the National System of Occupations project ( We built a platform for labour market representatives and the education system to share information about employers’ workforce needs and effectively incorporate these needs into education, ensuring that high school and university graduates are well-prepared for the labour market.


  • On December 14, 2010, our portal ISTP received an honourable mention from SAAIC – Euroguidance Centre in the “Career Guidance 2010” competition.
  • We relocated to Drobného 29 in Bratislava-Dúbravka.


  • During this period, we were already collaborating with more than 1,500 experts in various sectors of the economy and were in quarterly contact with more than 10,000 employers in Slovakia.


  • We worked hard on a new and more modern design for ISTP.
  • We always enjoy going out together for sports after work. Badminton, squash, bowling, walks with our four-legged friends, and among the boys, futsal is especially popular, which we have been playing since forever. In the company league, Prestige League, we managed to reach the finals twice.


  • With the revised name “Internet Guide to the Labor Market” and the new design, we connected online with all 46 labour offices in Slovakia. Employers were allowed to post job advertisements for free for the first time, and job seekers had the opportunity to make their profiles accessible to employers looking for new employees.


  • In June, we managed to surpass the half-million mark in ISTP visits for the first time (this included nearly 200,000 unique users). We celebrated surpassing each hundred-thousand milestone in visits by opening a bottle of champagne.😊


  • For the first time, we surpassed the threshold of 10,000 job advertisements offered on ISTP.
  • We knew that data on labour market forecasts and regional developments in Slovakia were crucial for the direction of our country, so in 2015, we introduced the unique website  to both professionals and the general public.


  • Sector councils in the Slovak Republic began to intensively use data on job vacancies and the structure of unemployed persons in Slovakia from the ISTP database and compile lists of shortage occupations in Slovakia.


  • Change is life, but it was also time to move to a higher level, so in 2017 we redesigned our ISTP in collaboration with colleagues from Daren & Curtis, who are currently also taking care of our marketing campaign.


  • Since May 1, 2018, we have implemented the requirement to include the basic wage component in job advertisements under § 62 para. 2 of the Employment Services Act. Exceptions include positions in state employment, jobs of public interest, and self-employment.
  • One of our biggest futsal achievements was winning the title in the 3rd Bratislava Futsal League. 😊


  • In 2019, we began the implementation of the significant national project Sector-led Innovations ( ), where we, along with employers, explored key innovations that would fundamentally change the structure of knowledge and skills for the workforce. Sharing information with ISTP was particularly beneficial for job seekers.
  • In 2019, we surpassed the milestone of 20,000 current job advertisements available on ISTP for the first time, representing nearly 90,000 job vacancies. It was one of the most successful years in our history; employers posted 65,000 advertisements through us, creating 222,000 job vacancies. This success was likely aided by the fact that since 2019, employers are required to report job vacancies and their characteristics to the employment office in accordance with § 62 para. 6 of the Employment Services Act. This obligation is also fulfilled by advertising offers through Worki.
  • In addition to job offers, we have always been interested in the data regarding the success of graduates in the labour market. Are they working in their field of study? How long are they unemployed, and how much time does it take them to find employment? You can find answers at
  • Our best running result so far was achieved at the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon event, where we secured a respectable 6th place in the marathon relay category amidst tough competition.


  • Our long-term goal was to create an ISTP portal that would be beneficial for our users and visited by as many people as possible. We always rejoiced in the growth of our traffic and greatly appreciated it. It was always a great motivation for our team to surpass the one million mark in monthly visits. We achieved this for the first time in January 2020. Our current record for traffic is from June 2020, reaching 1.3 million visits, which translates to almost 400 thousand unique users.


  • The years 2020 and 2021 were marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, we had to adapt to remote work. Consequently, we looked forward even more to returning to our offices for shared time with colleagues, both at work and outside of it. 😊


  • On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Digital Coalition, our TREXIMA received the Digital Unit Award for its outstanding contribution in forecasting future labour market needs, and future skills and aligning labour market supply and demand.
  • The beginning of 2022 brought us a significant change. Our chapter as a state labour portal connected to employment offices came to an end. However, we continued to provide services for our users and began working diligently on a new version of ISTP and its redesign, in collaboration with colleagues from SCR Design and WISIT, who also assisted us with programming tasks.
  • We came up with a new name for our portal – Worki. The initial idea emerged while waiting for a ski lift in a ski resort near the village of Vlachovo near Dobšiná. 😊 Our Worki logo symbolises two figures – a job seeker and an employer, high-fiving to signify a successfully filled job vacancy.


  • Our colleague Lucia Lednárová Dítětová was nominated for the Slovak Woman of the Year 2023 ( in the Business and Management category.
  • We are very pleased to introduce our new dream job portal, Worki, which was launched on October 17, 2023. We believe you will like it. We are still here for you.